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The Sibyl in Her Grave (Hilary Tamar) - Caudwell, Sarah

The Sibyl in Her Grave (Hilary Tamar) - Caudwell, Sarah

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The Sibyl in Her Grave (Hilary Tamar) by Caudwell, Sarah

Format: Mass-Market Paperback

Published by Dell, 2001

julia Larwood's Aunt Regina Needs Help. She And Two Friends Pooled Their Modest Resources And Invested In Equities. Now The Tax Man Demands His Due, But They've Already Spent The Money. How Can They Dig Themselves Out Of The Tax Hole? Even More To The Point: Can The Sin Of Capital Gains Trigger Corporeal Loss?that's One For The Sibyl, Psychic Counselor Isabella Del Comino, Who Has Offended Aunt Regina And Her Friends By Moving Into The Rectory, Plowing Under A Cherished Garden, And Establishing An Aviary Of Ravens. When Isabella Is Found Dead, All Clues Point To Death By Fiscal Julia Calls In An Old Friend And Oxford Fellow, Professor Hilary Tamar, To Follow A Money Trail That Connects Aunt Regina To What Appears To Be Capital Fraud — And Capital Crime. The Two Women Couldn't Have A Better Champion Than The Erudite Hilary, As Once Again Sarah Caudwell Sweeps Us Into The Scene Of The Crime, Leaving Us To Ponder The Greatest Mystery Of All: Hilary, Him — Or Her — Self. barnes & Noble Guide To New Fiction in Her Newest Upper-crusty Mystery, Sarah Caudwell Returns To London With Her Redoubtable Team Of Young Barristers. A Delightful Mystery. Kinky Friedman Meets Mrs. Pollifax! Witty And Charming, With Christie-like Plotting And A Clever Delivery. A Few Reviewers Found The Language Stilted And The Characters Unsympathetic.

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