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Dead Wrong (A Dakota Mystery, Book 3) - Coker, M. K.

Dead Wrong (A Dakota Mystery, Book 3) - Coker, M. K.

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Dead Wrong (A Dakota Mystery, Book 3) by Coker, M. K.

Format: Paperback

Published by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2014

The trucker who’d hit a Wrong Way sign lay hunched over the wheels of his semi-with his brains blown to bits, a revolver in his hand. Leo Jurczewsky had long talked of killing himself. So when Sheriff Karen Mehaffey and Detective Marek Okerlund are called to the Reunion, South Dakota, exit ramp to investigate his death, they’re ready to wrap up the case. But it all goes wrong when the pathologist rules the gunshot wasn’t self-inflicted. So was it homicide-or a twisted form of assisted suicide? Then someone starts leaving drawings of crosshairs-gun sights-for various leaders in town, including Karen. If that wasn’t enough, word comes of the suicide of someone close to her. Meanwhile, Marek takes in a heavily pregnant runaway-who looks far too much like his dead wife. As Karen and Marek try to follow a killer’s wrong turn, they both get an inkling of why life can become too much to bear. DEAD WRONG is a character-driven police procedural of a rural bent. Third in series

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