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Emanon Volume 1 - Kajio, Shinji

Emanon Volume 1 - Kajio, Shinji

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Emanon Volume 1 by Kajio, Shinji

Format: Paperback

Published by Dark Horse Manga, 2019

The Year Is 1967, And A Young Japanese Man Is Thinking About The Future. On One Side Of The Water, The War Is Raging In Vietnam; Far Away On The Other Side, The Apollo Project Has Just Met With Disaster As Three Astronauts Die In A Capsule Fire. And Here And Now, On A Long Nighttime Ferry Ride Back Home, He Will Meet And Fall In Love With A Mysterious Young Woman Who Carries A Past Deeper And More Profound Than His Dreams And Fears Of Tomorrow. Her Name, She Jokes, Is No Name--emanon...and She Can Never Be Forgotten, Any More Than She Can Forget...--

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