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Quarrel & Quandary: Essays - Ozick, Cynthia

Quarrel & Quandary: Essays - Ozick, Cynthia

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Quarrel & Quandary: Essays by Ozick, Cynthia

Format: Hardcover with Dust Jacket

Published by Knopf, 2000

A Collection Of Essays In Which Cynthia Ozick Examines The Works Of Some Of The World's Most Illustrious Writers. Forethoughts -- Dostoyevsky's Unabomber -- The Posthumous Sublime -- The Impossibility Of Being Kafka -- The Impious Impatience Of Job -- Who Owns Anne Frank? -- The Rights Of History And The Rights Of Imagination -- Public Intellectuals -- The Selfishness Of Art -- Cinematic James -- A Prophet Of Modernism -- Imaginary People -- The Ladle -- What Is Poetry About? -- A Swedish Novel -- She : Portrait Of The Essay As A Warm Body -- A Drug Store Eden -- Lovesickness -- How I Got Fired From My Summer Job -- The Synthetic Sublime. By Cynthia Ozick.

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