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Death in Store - Rowe, Jennifer

Death in Store - Rowe, Jennifer

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Death in Store by Rowe, Jennifer

Format: Mass-Market Paperback

Published by Crimeline, 1994

It wouldn't be Christmas without a visit to Fredericks' department store, whose festive atmosphere and lavish decorations are famous. The sounds of carols and tiny silver bells lilt and tinkle through the halls, glittering ornaments adorn the trees and angels, and the delightful Fredericks' Santa Claus reigns supreme in his grotto. A trail of enthralled children line up through the magic forest of Christmas trees that surround the grotto, anxiously awaiting their turn to meet the kind, jolly figure in red, sit on his lap atop his elegant golden throne, and receive their special gift to take home and put under their own tree. No expense is spared to create the Fredericks' Christmas magic. That's the Fredericks' tradition. But among the staff at the big store this year, tidings of comfort and joy are noticeably lacking and the strain is obviously telling. And Verity Birdwood, sent to research a TV program about Christmas in a big store, gets more than she bargained for. Between interviews, Verity sleuths her way through a maze of decked halls and suspicious personnel only to discover that not everyone is in the holiday spirit. In fact, for someone, the holidays can be murder.... Christmas may be the season to be jolly, but there's a noticeable absence of good will at Frederick's Department Store, where behind the very professional smiles lurk thoughts of murder. As Verity Birdwood recounts in this witty collection of her most intriguing cases, the Australian sleuth discovers that tidings of joy can be overshadowed by Death's dark hand. Author Jennifer Rowe is called the Agatha Christie of Australia.

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