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Dreams in the Key of Blue - Philpin, John

Dreams in the Key of Blue - Philpin, John

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Dreams in the Key of Blue by Philpin, John

Format: Mass-Market Paperback

Published by Bantam Books, 2000

A serial killer wears many faces, but none more terrifying than this one...

Every serial killer fits a profile, follows a pattern, makes a mistake.  Until now...

Six years ago forensic psychiatrist Lucas Frank "retired" from hunting serial killers. But someone wants him back in the worst way. It begins with a brutal triple homicide in the picturesque Maine town of Ragged Harbor. And it won't stop there. Suddenly Lucas is forced to do what he swore he would never do again: enter the twisted mind of a killer who enjoys murder.  Only this time Lucas must hunt a psychopath whose pattern of behavior defies all logic. A killer who can strike anyone, anywhere, anytime. The FBI is helpless. And even he is baffled at the contradictory clues and taunting hints left behind.

Lucas Frank has met his match. That's why he was called out of retirement. But does someone want him to catch a killer--or be the ultimate trophy?

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