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The Virgin's Lover - Gregory, Philippa

The Virgin's Lover - Gregory, Philippa

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The Virgin's Lover by Gregory, Philippa

Format: Trade Paperback

Published by Simon & Schuster, 2005

Gregory Answers The Question About An Unsolved Crime That Has Fascinated Detectives And Historians For Centuries. Useing Documents And Evidence From The Tudor Era And, With Almost Magical Insight Into The Desires Of Robert Dudley And His Lovers, She Paints A Picture Of A Country On The Brink Of Greatness, A Young Woman Grasping At Her Power, A Young Man Whose Ambition Is Greater Than His Means, And The Wife Who Cannot Forgive Them. Philippa Gregory. A Touchstone Book. Includes A 'touchstone Reading Group Guide'. Includes Bibliographical References (p. 440-441).

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