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Elektra: The Hand TPB (Elektra (Graphic Novels)) - Yoshida, Akira

Elektra: The Hand TPB (Elektra (Graphic Novels)) - Yoshida, Akira

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Elektra: The Hand TPB (Elektra (Graphic Novels)) by Yoshida, Akira

Format: Trade Paperback

Published by Marvel Comics, 2005

The Hand - few names have ever instilled such terror in the very soul of the Marvel Universe! Elektra witnesses a mystic ceremony that leads her to the never-before-revealed origin of the Hand, the world's most deadly assassins! In feudal Japan, a single murder fuels one young samurai's struggle for dominance - a struggle that will lead to the inception of this immortal ninja clan. And when a foreign merchant sends his beautiful daughter to learn the ways of the warrior, a cycle is set in motion that will change the Marvel Universe...forever! Collecting Elektra: The Hand #1-5.

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