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Exiles Ultimate Collection 5 - Goodwin, Archie

Exiles Ultimate Collection 5 - Goodwin, Archie

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Exiles Ultimate Collection 5 by Goodwin, Archie

Format: Paperback

Published by Marvel Enterprises, 2010

Six strangers, each an X-Man from a different reality--brought together to ensure that life as we know it doesn't cease to exist! They have become unhinged from time. They are heroes from different realities whose own timelines have become compromised. The lives they once knew are gone. To return to their worlds, they must travel together from one alternate universe to another, each time completing a mission to set right what went wrong. They have found love, experienced danger and formed friendships. Their lives are unpredictable. No one can say where their next mission will take them. They are the Exiles, and this istheir fate. Now, relive their quest to fix the kinks in the chains of reality, collected across six titanic paperbacks! COLLECTING: Exiles #75-89, Exiles Annual #1

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