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Thor: Across All Worlds - Jurgens, Dan ; Andy Kubert

Thor: Across All Worlds - Jurgens, Dan ; Andy Kubert

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Thor: Across All Worlds by Jurgens, Dan ; Andy Kubert

Format: Trade Paperback

Published by Marvel, 2010

There is a place where the ancient gods still walk, a Golden Realm whose streets are lined with rainbows and perfection. Where beings that can flatten ball bearings between their fi ngers drink toasts to battles fought and won and sing of glories not yet to come. From this place to our planet came her greatest champion. Thor. The Norse God of Thunder. The master of storm and commander of lightning. The gods' gift to mankind. Literally. But with Thor on Earth, defending mankind, Asgard is now defenseless against its many enemies, Hela, the goddess of Death. Malekith, the Dark Elf, who has loosed the power of the casket of Ancient Winters upon Asgard. Kurse, whose very touch can send even a god screaming to Hel. The Frost Giants. And even time itself as Asgard has been prophesied to one day fall.COLLECTING:Thor (1998) #26-35

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