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Hulk: Fear Itself - Parker, Jeff

Hulk: Fear Itself - Parker, Jeff

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Hulk: Fear Itself by Parker, Jeff

Format: Hardcover with Dust Jacket

Published by Marvel Enterprises, 2012

As the hammer-wielders continue their campaign of fear and terror, red Hulk takes up arms against the newly deifi ed Ben Grimm, the FF's Thing! it's bruiser versus bruiser as two of the world's strongest battle it out in an all-out brawl that will shake the world! And no one is watching this closer than M.O.D.O.K.! Plus: Omegex, a deadly force from beyond the far reaches of space, has awakened, and he wants red Hulk! Our Crimson Crusader has fought battles of massive scale, fought villains of great strength and guile, and even punched a Watcher! But what can he do against a destroyer of entire worlds? As red Hulk is on the ropes and it seems as though things can't get any worse, super-villainess extraordinaire Zero/One and her henchman Black Fog arrive. renowned writer Jeff Parker and all-star artist Gabriel Hardman deliver red Hulk's most dangerous dust-ups yet! COLLECTING: HULK (2008) 37-41

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