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Darkwell (Forgotten Realms: Moonshae, Book 3) - Niles, Douglas

Darkwell (Forgotten Realms: Moonshae, Book 3) - Niles, Douglas

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Darkwell (Forgotten Realms: Moonshae, Book 3) by Niles, Douglas

Format: Trade Paperback

Published by Wizards of the Coast, 2004

Tristan and Robyn prepare for a battle against evil-and possibly each other-in this conclusion to the first Forgotten Realms trilogy ever published.


Newly crowned king of the Ffolk of the Moonshae Isles, Tristan Kendrick must unite the many peoples of his realms for one final battle against the evil that threatens them. Meanwhile, Robyn the druid faces a sinister power that has infested the very land itself.


With enemies on all sides and danger lurking in every shadow, Robyn and Tristan must decide if their paths forward are one-or if their powers and alliances will divide them. Time is running out, and the future of the beloved Moonshae Isles depend on Robyn and Tristan. Will they come together to rule as king and queen, or will they separate as bitter enemies?

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