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Archaeology of Colorado - Cassells, E. Steve

Archaeology of Colorado - Cassells, E. Steve

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Archaeology of Colorado by Cassells, E. Steve

Format: Paperback

Published by Johnson Pub Co, 1983

Archaeologist Steve Cassells details the prehistory of Colorado from the Paleo-Indian mammoth and bison hunters through the Archaic, Fremont, and Plains Woodland peoples to the Anasazi of the southwest and the historic Utes and Plains Indians. The author draws on unpublished reports, personal communications, and exhaustive research in the printed literature to make this a book in which even specialists will find new and exciting material. Significant sites from every cultural stage and every part of the state are examined, and an "Archaeological Scrapbook" presents thumbnail sketches of many of the colorful and significant archaeologists who have influenced the development of the science in the state. Completely revised and updated, "The Archaeology of Colorado" is still the most comprehensive and important book on the subject ever published. It provides a complete overview for the professional and amateur archaeologist and a fine introduction for anyone interested in the prehistory of the West.

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