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Frontline Heroes: A Story of Saving Lives - Kurt Larson

Frontline Heroes: A Story of Saving Lives - Kurt Larson

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Frontline Heroes: A Story of Saving Lives by Kurt Larson

Format: Paperback

Published by Fire Starter Publishing, 2010

Front Line Heroes guides your organization on its journey to answer that call. Well-led Fire and Emergency Service agencies are some of the most effective organizations in the World. Their mission-to make high-pressure life and death decisions in an instant-is extraordinary. So are the results they achieve. And if your organization is seeking to improve its own outcomes, take a cue from the top-of the line processes revealed in Front Line Heroes. As the book reveals, there's nothing mysterious about achieving excellent outcomes. It doesn't require specific products or out-of-the-ordinary leaders or employees. Rather, excellence is based on a carefully constructed series of steps-steps that can help any organization easily identify what it's doing right and build upon those successes. These steps will not only focus your organization's energy on successful outcomes, they'll help you celebrate the journey you've undertaken in your quest to be the best. Front Line Heroes beautifully illustrates how leaders work to create order out of chaos. This is a book about leading from the front, motivating the team, and using very basic principles to get the job done. You'll learn lessons that can be directly applied to tough challenges in your own organization.

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