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The Defense: A Novel (Eddie Flynn) - Cavanagh, Steve

The Defense: A Novel (Eddie Flynn) - Cavanagh, Steve

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The Defense: A Novel (Eddie Flynn) by Cavanagh, Steve

Format: Mass-Market Paperback

Published by Flatiron Books, 2017

Eddie Flynn used to be a con artist. Then he became a lawyer. Turns out the two jobs aren’t all that different. . .

He vowed never to set foot in a courtroom again after a case gone disastrously wrong. But today Eddie doesn’t have a choice. Because this time, it’s personal. 

The head of the Russian mob in New York City, on trial for murder, has kidnapped Eddie’s beloved ten-year-old daughter. Now Eddie has exactly forty-eight hours to draw upon his razor-sharp instincts and use every con, bluff, grift, and trick in the book to defend an impossible trial and save his daughter―or die trying. . .

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