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X-MEN GOLD VOL. 0: HOMECOMING - Kelly, Joe ; Casey, Joe

X-MEN GOLD VOL. 0: HOMECOMING - Kelly, Joe ; Casey, Joe

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X-MEN GOLD VOL. 0: HOMECOMING by Kelly, Joe ; Casey, Joe

Format: Paperback

Published by Marvel Universe, 2018

Will Marrow, Maggott And Dr. Cecilia Reyes Usher In A New Golden Era For The X-men? As Cyclops And Phoenix Retire From The Team, It's Left To Wolverine To Make Sure They Do! But With The Roster Split Over The Volatile Marrow's Presence, Keeping The X-men From Fracturing Won't Be Easy. Can The Inexperienced New Team Members Step Up In Time To Stave Off An Invasion From The Demonic N'garai Dimension? Plus, Joseph May Be Made To Pay For Magneto's Crimes! Angel Battles The Abomination! Marrow Takes Action To Save The Morlock Tunnels! Maggott Explores His Origins! The Shadow King Targets Psylocke As A Psi-war Begins! And The Silver Age Doctor Doom Undertakes A Quest Through Time To Learn The Secrets Of Onslaught! Collecting: X-men (1991) 70-79, X-men/dr. Doom Annual 1998, Material From X-men Unlimited (1993) 18

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