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MAJOR X - Liefeld, Rob

MAJOR X - Liefeld, Rob

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MAJOR X by Liefeld, Rob

Format: Paperback

Published by Marvel Universe, 2019

A Mysterious New Player Enters The Marvel Universe...and The X-men Are Square In The Center Of His Crosshairs! What Is The Mission Of Major X - And What Does It Have To Do With The Time-traveler Known As Cable? It's A Race Against Time To Save Mutantkind From Certain Devastation, But Will Cable Try To Stop The Deadly Soldier And His Far-reaching Goals - Or Will He Forge A Tentative Union With The Mysterious Military Man? Writer/artist Rob Liefeld Introduces A New Wrinkle Into The Saga Of Marvel's Mightiest Mutants! Join The X-men As They Ask The Question That Will Soon Be On Everyone's Lips: Who Is Major X?! Collecting: Major X #1-6

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