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Absolute Carnage Miles Morales - Ahmed, Saladin

Absolute Carnage Miles Morales - Ahmed, Saladin

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Absolute Carnage Miles Morales by Ahmed, Saladin

Format: Paperback

Published by Marvel Enterprises, 2020

It's Business As Usual For Miles Morales As He Finds Himself Squaring Off With Mac Gargan, A.k.a. The Scorpion! But As A Cult Of Carnage's Bloodthirsty Acolytes Swarms New York, Miles Will Learn The Hard Way That Scorpion Has A History With Venom And The Other Symbiotes Of The Marvel Universe! When Miles Sacrifices Himself Protecting Others, Will He Be Taken By Carnage's Dark Doppelgangers? Or Will He Be Able To Resist Being Consumed By The Dark Symbiote? Collecting Absolute Carnage: Miles Morales (2019) 1-3, Absolute Carnage: Weapon Plus (2019) 1

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