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Planetary: Leaving The 20th Century - Ellis, Warren ; Cassaday, John

Planetary: Leaving The 20th Century - Ellis, Warren ; Cassaday, John

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Planetary: Leaving The 20th Century by Ellis, Warren ; Cassaday, John

Format: Paperback

Published by Wildstorm, 2005

This Collection Of Earth-shattering Adventures From Windstorm Stars A Team Of Super-powered Archaeologists Who Have Uncovered Evidence Of Super-human Activity That Spans The Centuries. The Team Includes The Ancient -- And Incredibly Powerful -- Elijah Snow, Hot-tempered Jakita Wagner, And The Seemingly Insane Drummer, As They Deal With The Abrupt Appearance Of A New Mountain Range In America And The Shocking Truth Behind The Near-destruction Of The Planet By The Gods, Which Happened In 1950! Bk. 1. All Over The World And Other Stories -- Bk. 2. The Fourth Man -- Bk. 3. Leaving The 20th Century -- Bk. 4. Spacetime Archaeology. Warren Ellis, Writer ; John Cassaday, Artist ; Laura Depuy And David Baron, Colorists ; Ryan Cline, Bill O'neil And Mike Heisler, Letterers ; John Layman, Editor. Planetary Created By Warren Ellis And John Cassaday. Bk.. 1 Originally Published In Single Marazine Form As Planetary #1-6; Bk. 2 As Planetary #7-12; Bk. 3 As Planetary #13-18; Bk. 4 As Planetary #19-27.

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