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Batman Vol. 9: Bloom (The New 52) - Snyder, Scott

Batman Vol. 9: Bloom (The New 52) - Snyder, Scott

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Batman Vol. 9: Bloom (The New 52) by Snyder, Scott

Format: Trade Paperback

Published by DC Comics, 2016

Bruce Wayne has a nearly perfect life. He’s in love with an amazing woman and works by her side every day at one of Gotham’s youth centers, helping the children of the city he loves. His memory has been patchy ever since he nearly died in the last Joker attack, but even so, he’s confident that this is the happiest he’s ever been. And yet…he sometimes feels himself being tugged back to another life. In the negative space of his missing past is a half-remembered history, filled with violence and darkness, but also greatness.

The Batman is calling Bruce back. But if he returns to his past, what will become of the perfect, happy life he has built? Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo conclude their character-defining run on the Dark Knight and demonstrate why Batman truly is forever. Collects Batman #46-50, as well as a story from Detective Comics #27.

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