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Commitment - Donna Sanderson

Commitment - Donna Sanderson

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Commitment by Donna Sanderson

Format: Paperback

Published by Publishamerica, 2005

Dr. Celine Morgan feels like she is finally living her dream of being a doctor, and she is building a great reputation. At home she has a beautiful eight-month-old son, Brandon, who is the apple of her eye-but her husband Bryan is another story. There is something missing in her life with Bryan. Although she loves him very much, he is very abusive to Celine. When Celine's father suddenly dies, she starts to look at life differently and she meets Peter, who is there to offer emotional support and a shoulder to cry on. One night, Bryan goes too far with his physical abuse of Celine. Celine takes little Brandon and leaves Bryan and finds herself at Peter's house. Now she has to decide if she is going to end her marriage or if she will live by her morals of "once you are married, it's for life" and stay with her husband.

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