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Armee-Abteilung Narwa: WWII on the Eastern Front - Grendys, Brent J.

Armee-Abteilung Narwa: WWII on the Eastern Front - Grendys, Brent J.

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Armee-Abteilung Narwa: WWII on the Eastern Front by Grendys, Brent J.

Format: Hardcover with Dust Jacket

Published by iUniverse, 2010

Armee-Abteilung Narwa is a fictional story. The name identifies an actual department of German Army Group North that stubbornly held the Russian Army from breaking through at Narva, Estonia.

German Army Group North requested approval to begin an organized retreat from Leningrad to Estonia in late 1943, but had been ordered by Hitler to hold. When the Russian Army broke through the Leningrad Blockade in late January 1944, the resulting colossal German Army retreat to the west was incredibly disorganized. The Red Army pressed all the way to the Narva River, where they were stopped by Armee-Abteilung Narwa. For the next few months, stragglers from the numerous German Divisions bypassed by the Russians at the Leningrad Front kept fighting their way back to join the German defenders at the Panther Line on the Narva River.

Armee-Abteilung Narwa focuses on individuals from both sides of the various battles during the confused German retreat. Experience the vicious "Total War" that was fought on the Eastern Front during WWII, through the eyes of participants on both sides of the conflict.

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