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The End (Exclusive Edition) (Enemy Series #7) - Higson, Charlie

The End (Exclusive Edition) (Enemy Series #7) - Higson, Charlie

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The End (Exclusive Edition) (Enemy Series #7) by Higson, Charlie

Format: Hardcover with Dust Jacket

Published by Hyperion Books, 2016

Shadowman, realizing that Saint George's army is headed toward the center of London, has raced ahead to warn the kids of the impending disaster. He knows that he has to make them understand-somehow-that they are going to have to work together. This means that Nicola and her kids at the Houses of Parliament, David and his kids at Buckingham Palace, Matt at St. Paul's, General Jordan Hordern and his troops at the Tower of London, the squatters in St. James Park, and all the kids at the Natural History Museum must unite. But will they do it in time? The book culminates in a massive battle in Hyde Park. How will it play out? Who will be the winners and who the losers? One thing is certain: this series will not go out with a whimper!

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