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Four Cuts Too Many (A Sarah Blair Mystery) - Goldstein, Debra H.

Four Cuts Too Many (A Sarah Blair Mystery) - Goldstein, Debra H.

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Four Cuts Too Many (A Sarah Blair Mystery) by Goldstein, Debra H.

Format: Mass-Market Paperback

Published by Kensington, 2021

When it comes to murder, there's no need to mince words . . . Sarah Blair gets an education in slicing and dicing when someone in culinary school serves up a main corpse in Wheaton, Alabama... Between working as a law firm receptionist, reluctantly pitching in as co-owner of her twin sister's restaurant, and caretaking for her regal Siamese RahRah and rescue dog Fluffy, Sarah has no time to enjoy life's finer things. Divorced and sort-of dating, she's considering going back to school. But as a somewhat competent sleuth, Sarah's more suited for criminal justice than learning how many ways she can burn a meal. Although she wouldn't mind learning some knife skills from her sous chef, Grace Winston. An adjunct instructor who teaches cutlery expertise in cooking college, Grace is considering accepting an executive chef's position offered by Jane Clark, Sarah's business rival--and her late ex-husband's lover. But Grace's future lands in hot water when the school's director is found dead with one of her knives in his back. To clear her friend's name, Sarah must sharpen her own skills at uncovering an elusive killer...

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