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The Treasure of Adonis - Kjar, C. S.

The Treasure of Adonis - Kjar, C. S.

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The Treasure of Adonis by Kjar, C. S.

Format: Trade Paperback

Published by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2015

Two strangers and their old letter draw Charlea into the search for a forgotten treasure. When they find it, it could kill her.

It's 1964, and Charlea Ludlow is the head librarian in a small east Texas town. Her life is quiet and lonely as she waits for her MIA husband to return from the Korean Conflict. Everything is turned upside down when Roland Parker and David Collins come into the library seeking help with an old letter that mentions a mysterious treasure hidden somewhere in town. Charlea cannot resist their charms and joins them in their hunt. When word leaks out of the hidden wealth, they aren't the only ones wanting to find it. The others will stop at nothing to have it and will even kill whoever stands in their way.

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