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Murder Thy Neighbor (ID True Crime, 4) - Patterson, James

Murder Thy Neighbor (ID True Crime, 4) - Patterson, James

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Murder Thy Neighbor (ID True Crime, 4) by Patterson, James

Format: Mass-Market Paperback

Published by Grand Central Publishing, 2021

Murder Thy Neighbor: Ann Hoover is a nice woman but she's come to hate her neighbor. Roy Kirk moved in next door with plans to renovate. But as the weeks go by, his DIY construction turns to shambles. When Ann takes him to court, Kirk's retaliation will be shockingly gruesome (with Andrew Bourelle).

Murder IRL: Jenelle Potter has always been better at connecting with people through social media. With overprotective parents, she hasn't had very many options to meet people, until she links up with Billy. But her feelings for Billy are unreciprocated, causing Jenelle to start a virtual war—a war that enters the real world (with Max DiLallo).

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