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The Coral Kingdom (Forgotten Realms / Druidhome Trilogy) - Niles, Douglas

The Coral Kingdom (Forgotten Realms / Druidhome Trilogy) - Niles, Douglas

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The Coral Kingdom (Forgotten Realms / Druidhome Trilogy) by Niles, Douglas

Format: Mass-Market Paperback

Published by Wizards of the Coast, 1992

Far beyond the shores of the Moonshae Isles, Princess Alicia and Queen Robyn battle the vicious undersea race that holds King Tristan prisoner.


Talos, the god of storms, continues his attack on the Moonshae Isles-and now King Tristan Kendrick has become the newest pawn in his vengeful game. Captured and held in the faraway Coral Kingdom, the king’s fate now lies in the hands of his daughter, high princess Alicia, and his druid wife. So begins a dangerous fight against the Claws of the Deep . . .


Alicia and Queen Robyn’s journey takes them first to the elven kingdom of Synnoria, where they call upon the services of an old and faithful friend: Brigit Cu’Lyrran, captain of the kingdom’s mighty, all-female cavalry company. With their forces bolstered by the Sisters of Synnoria, Alicia and her mother march onwards, traveling next to the island nation of Evermeet. There, they seek the aid of the native elves, whose magical gifts may just tip the odds of the looming undersea battle in their favor. With nautical magic, trained warriors, and the Evermeet elves behind them, can the Kendrick women save their beloved patriarch from Talos and his evil minions?

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