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Stormwatch VOL 02: Lightning Strikes - Ellis, Warren

Stormwatch VOL 02: Lightning Strikes - Ellis, Warren

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Stormwatch VOL 02: Lightning Strikes by Ellis, Warren

Format: Trade Paperback

Published by WildStorm, 2000


As the "Spirit of the 20th Century," the cantankerous electric woman known as Jenny Sparks has seen her fair share of adventure. With a life spanning the entirety of the 1900's, the unlikely heroine has rocketed through space, solved crimes as a hard-boiled detective, served faithfully in the British military, and globetrotted with counterculture super-heroes in an attempt to change the world. Now near the end of the century, Jenny has found herself with Stormwatch -- The United Nations Special Crisis Intervention Team. Under the furtive eye of the Weatherman, she works parallel with fellow operatives such as Hawksmoor, Battalion, and Rose Tattoo. Once again Jenny Sparks does what she can to make the world a better place.

This volume collects STORMWATCH #43-47, chronicling individual stories of the core members by definitive Stormwatch penciler Tom Raney. Also included is a look at the devastating power of Stormwatch as a team by artist and co-creator Jim Lee. LIGHTNING STRIKES continues the memorable run of writer Warren Ellis, bringing super-hero comics to a new level.

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