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World's Finest Comic Archives 2 - DC Comics

World's Finest Comic Archives 2 - DC Comics

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World's Finest Comic Archives 2 by DC Comics

Format: Hardcover with Dust Jacket

Published by Dc Comics, 2002

Imagine your two favorite heroes -- Superman and Batman -- together in one exciting adventure after another! After battling crime separately for over a decade, Superman and Batman (with Robin, the Boy Wonder!) joined forces in the pages of World's Finest Comics to become the world's greatest super-team of all time! Not exactly the most logical pairing of heroes unless you consider sales figures, which may have had something to do with the concept -- the most powerful being in the universe teamed with a two-fisted costumed detective -- but if these stories lacked anything in believability and sophistication, they more than made up for it in sheer fun and excitement! Presented here are sixteen super team-ups from the late 1950s -- including "The Origin of the Superman-Batman Team" from World's Finest #94 -- by Edmond Hamilton, Bill Finger, Dick Sprang, Curt Swan and more of comics' finest writers and artists.

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