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The Names of Magic - Horrocks, Dylan

The Names of Magic - Horrocks, Dylan

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The Names of Magic by Horrocks, Dylan

Format: Paperback

Published by Vertigo, 2002

No One Knows Better The Importance Of Names Than Fourteen-year-old Tim, Especially When It Comes To Magic. But Names And Identity Are Elusive, Tricky Things, And None More So Than His Own. Now, After Facing Down Demons, Angels, And His Own Worst Nightmares, Tim Hunter--destined To Be The World's Most Powerful Magician--must Finally Find Out Who He Really Is--back Cover. Ch. 1. Invocation -- Ch. 2. Trust -- Ch. 3. Secrets -- Ch. 4. Flight -- Ch. 5. Truth. Dylan Horrocks, Writer ; Richard Case, Artist ; Sherilyn Van Valkenburgh, Colorist ; Digital Chemeleon/jamison, Separators ; Comicraft, Lettering. Timothy Hunter And The Books Of Magic Created By Neil Gaiman And John Bolton. The Names Of Magic Continues The Saga Of The Acclaimed The Books Of Magic Series, Reprinting The 5-issue Miniseries--p. 4 Of Cover.

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