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Amazing Grace: A Vocabulary of Faith - Norris, Kathleen

Amazing Grace: A Vocabulary of Faith - Norris, Kathleen

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Amazing Grace: A Vocabulary of Faith by Norris, Kathleen

Format: Paperback

Published by Riverhead Books, 1999

From Kathleen Norris, the author who "writes about religion with the imagination of a poet" (Chicago Tribune), comes this unusual, accessible, and profound investigation of Christian faith. Taking as her starting point the "scary words" that can intimidate and distance us from our religious heritage - words like judgment, faith, dogma, salvation and sinner, Norris blends history, theology, storytelling, etymology and memoir to help us reflect on their meanings. Always entertaining, and thought provoking, Norris awakens us to the possibility of belief. Through this exhilarating journey, readers will come to know more about the gradual conversion and the daily struggle for faith that Norris described in her bestseller The Cloister Walk. Amazing Grace will grant an illuminating perspective on how we can embrace ancient traditions and find faith in the contemporary, everyday world. The Women's Review of Books - Irene Elizabeth Stroud . . .[A] collection of meditations on Christian themes with names as intimidating as salvation,. . .[and] judgment. . . .These short pieces on words are interspersed with brief personal narratives that gradually share a little more of . . .Norris' journey from skepticism to faith. . . .If you're curious, if you already feel drawn toward the language of faith, come and visit.

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