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The American - Verheiden, Mark

The American - Verheiden, Mark

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The American by Verheiden, Mark

Format: Paperback

Published by Dark Horse, 2005

he's The Ultimate American Hero. Since The Fifties, He Has Been A Symbol Of Hope And Courage For The Entire Nation, An Indestructible One-man Army Standing Tall For Freedom, Justice, And The American Way - But What About Truth? When Reporter Dennis Hough Is Assigned To Cover A Story About His Boyhood Hero, He Begins To See The Cracks In The Legend. Does The American Have Feet Of Clay? Or Is He Himself A Victim Of A Larger Conspiracy?created By Screenwriter Mark Verheiden (the Mask, Smallville), The American Wowed Comics Critics With It's Savvy Mixture Of Gritty Realism, Cultural Commentary, And Dark Humor Set Against The All Too Real Backdrop Of An America Polarized Into Ideological Camps Standing Off Across An Ever-widening Gulf Of Mistrust And Media Distortion. Now, Collected In Its Entirety For The First Time (including Hard-to-find American Short Stories), The American Rises Again, A Cautionary Tale Perhaps Even More Relevant In Today's Politically Divided America.

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