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MPD-Psycho, Vol. 5 - Eiji Otsuka

MPD-Psycho, Vol. 5 - Eiji Otsuka

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MPD-Psycho, Vol. 5 by Eiji Otsuka

Format: Paperback

Published by Dark Horse, 2008

After last volume's surprising betrayal and bloodbath, Amamiya - the multiple personality detective of the Isono Criminal Research Lab - faces a new threat in the form of the young "Lucy 7" deviants! In the midst of new murderous messes, bumbling Detective Sasayama finds himself in a criminal profiler contest fueled by the Japanese media. An American profiler arrives to work on a decade-old serial killer case at an elementary school, but the real group that he represents and his ultimate goals are as mysterious as MPD-Psycho's huge "barcode puzzle." The Gakuso Society pulls some strings, the American begins to hunt down children, and this volume of MPD-Psycho promises to be the most titillating and confusing yet - but you'll love the ride! Jump on, as more players enter the fray and more inventive atrocities abound. Fans of the Takashi Miike MPD-Psycho television adaptation will find more clues to the "barcode puzzle," more inventive murders, and surprisingly humorous moments in this smart manga series

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