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MPD-Psycho, Vol. 7 - Eiji Otsuka

MPD-Psycho, Vol. 7 - Eiji Otsuka

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MPD-Psycho, Vol. 7 by Eiji Otsuka

Format: Paperback

Published by Dark Horse, 2008

Our conflicted "multiple personality detective" Kazuhiko Amamiya, controlled by his murderous Shinji Nishizono personality, finds himself on a hijacked airplane, along with innocent Miwa and her schoolmates. Meanwhile, their hunt for the missing Amamiya leads Machi and bumbling police detective Sasayama to an ocean liner commandeered by several new, bizarre characters - key figures in both the twisted "barcoded eye conspiracy" and the deadly Gakuso Society! Step onto this crazy ride, as even more strange deviants are introduced and writer Eiji Otsuka continues to astound with his inventive plot twists and atrocities.

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