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MPD-Psycho, Vol. 8 - Eiji Otsuka

MPD-Psycho, Vol. 8 - Eiji Otsuka

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MPD-Psycho, Vol. 8 by Eiji Otsuka

Format: Paperback

Published by Dark Horse, 2009

Dark Horse Manga's daring MPD-Psycho series is completely unabridged in all of its gory glory - exactly as it appeared when it first ran in Japan! MPD-Psycho has earned praise for its complex, shocking story arcs and artist Sho-u Tajima's stark, arresting art style - that draws comparison with artist Charles Burns's work. Step onto this crazy ride, as even more strange deviants are introduced and writer Eiji Otsuka continues to astound with his inventive plot twists, atrocities, and murder mysteries.

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