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Blood+: Adagio, Vol. 1 - Suekane, Kumiko

Blood+: Adagio, Vol. 1 - Suekane, Kumiko

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Blood+: Adagio, Vol. 1 by Suekane, Kumiko

Format: Paperback

Published by Dark Horse, 2009

On the eve of the Russian Revolution, our favorite Chiropteran-hunting duo masquerades as members of Tsar Nicholas Romanov's royal chamber orchestra. Saya begins to uncover some of the strange secrets of the Romanov royal family and, of course, finds some hideous Chiropteran beasts who are doing a little masquerading of their own. Despite being one of the Chiropteran originals, Saya's devoted her life to eradicating the wilder, more vicious Chiropteran spawn who prey on humanity, and this short series embraces the same mix of action, humor, and horror.

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