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MPD-Psycho Volume 10 - Otsuka, Eiji

MPD-Psycho Volume 10 - Otsuka, Eiji

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MPD-Psycho Volume 10 by Otsuka, Eiji

Format: Paperback

Published by Dark Horse Manga, 2011

MPD-Psycho Volume 10 takes us on a tour of an unfolding apocalypse in Tokyo! Uncut and uncensored, MPD-Psycho returns with over two hundred pages of psychological mysteries, imaginative violence, and global intrigue. Creators Otsuka and Tajima explore the strange, programmed horrors that could lurk within anyone''s mind, hidden until your brain is hijacked and you''re used as an assassin or as cannon fodder in a global conspiracy! "Multiple personality detective" Yosuke Kobayashi seems to live on as a complex personality program inside the young, violent Tetora Nishizono but the boy is now on a suicidal mission to destroy Japan''s political leaders!

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