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Cage of Eden 21 - Yamada, Yoshinobu

Cage of Eden 21 - Yamada, Yoshinobu

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Cage of Eden 21 by Yamada, Yoshinobu

Format: Trade Paperback

Published by Kodansha Comics, 2017

Sengoku and his remaining classmates, teachers, and allies have reached the island’s last tower to finally uncover the secrets that could help them escape-or seal their fate. But what they find inside may be more eerie than the strange beasts and dangers that have come before. Sengoku encounters unsettling and oddly prophetic information concerning his cohorts, revealing answers as well as more questions. Was there a diabolical purpose behind the “accident” that led them to the island, and what part were they supposed to play in “Project Eden”? Their fight for survival and truth comes to its shocking conclusion in the final volume of Cage of Eden!

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