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FAIRY TAIL Blue Mistral 4 - Mashima, Hiro

FAIRY TAIL Blue Mistral 4 - Mashima, Hiro

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FAIRY TAIL Blue Mistral 4 by Mashima, Hiro

Format: Paperback

Published by Kodansha Comics, 2018

The FINAL VOLUME of the hit Fairy Tail spinoff for younger readers and Wendy fans of all ages!


When Wendy and Carla hear a rumor of a harp that can call dragons, they go on an adventure to see for themselves! There they meet little Emily, who is convinced that Wendy is a real angel. Wendy plays along until Emily decides that angels can grant wishes! Soon, a darker mystery unravels, and a religious cult threatens the girls' lives. The pressure is on for Wendy to solve these mysteries!

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