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Last Flight for Whiskey Mike - Bartholomew, Kenneth

Last Flight for Whiskey Mike - Bartholomew, Kenneth

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Last Flight for Whiskey Mike by Bartholomew, Kenneth

Format: Trade Paperback

Published by Page Publishing, Inc., 2019

When the childhood friend and secret adviser to the president of the United States pilots his plane to Washington at the request of "the man" himself, he sets off a chain of events that will take him across the country and into the wilderness as he runs for his life. Despite promising his wife that he had quit the DC scene, Scott Piquard is once again answering the call because of looming war in Central America. Straying into the secret tunnels deep below the White House with the security card given to him by President Brady, he overhears high-ranking officers plotting against Brady's life. Spotting him, they fire on him and make a radio transmission identifying Scott as a would-be assassin. Escaping to his airplane, he must take off into storm clouds and elude the overwhelming resources of the US military, using his outdoor survival skills to outwit his pursuers and try to save his own life and that of the president. Just as it looks like he will succeed, a double twist threatens their lives again in a dramatic conclusion. Last Flight for Whiskey Mike is a fantastic read. I loved what you did with the military scenarios. I have read all of Ludlum and Clancy, and this ranks up there with their top ten percent. -FBI regional supervisor (name withheld due to regulations)

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