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Mutt and Jack's Extraordinary Adventure - Dickey, Jodi

Mutt and Jack's Extraordinary Adventure - Dickey, Jodi

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Mutt and Jack's Extraordinary Adventure by Dickey, Jodi

Format: Paperback

Published by Authorhouse, 2022

Jack Harold Hanson has an extraterrestrial dog with magical powers that can talk and communicate telepathically. They go on an interstellar adventure that involves space dragons, and a lovely female wormhole that transports them to the parallel universe where Planet Zealon is located. With the help of his two best friends, Heidi and Vance, they solve a fascinating mystery involving the Heart Tree and an extraterrestrial wizard named Mr. Amazing. Jack is the Chosen One and only he and his dog Mutt hold the key to saving Planet Earth from climate change. Fantastical creatures like halligans abound. The twist at the end of the book will leave the reader surprised and filled with joy.

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