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The End of the World is Nigh (Ally Oldfield Series) - Moyle, Tony

The End of the World is Nigh (Ally Oldfield Series) - Moyle, Tony

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The End of the World is Nigh (Ally Oldfield Series) by Moyle, Tony

Format: Paperback

Published by Independently published, 2019

Marseille, 1561

Like the majority of people living in sixteenth century France, Philibert Montmorency is a peasant. Unlike most people, he’s pretending not to be one. Philibert is a conman, but a chance meeting with Nostradamus in a Marseille prison convinces him that being a prophet might be a better career move. There are plenty of transferrable skills after all.

Lyon, Modern Day

Dr Ally Oldfield, renowned professor of medieval languages, is summoned to Lyon to authenticate a newly discovered prophecy. She’s not happy about it but then again, she’s not happy about most things. As an expert in Nostradamus’s work, she’s convinced it’s a fake even if the evidence suggests it was written four hundred years ago. When the pandemic it predicts unfolds, Ally finds herself in a race against time to prove it’s a fraud. Global tensions rise further when the Oblivion Doctrine, a shady online organisation, use the prediction to incite fear and panic for their own gain.

The only way Ally can stop the ensuing chaos is to figure out the clues left scattered in Lyon’s Renaissance history to work out who really wrote the prophecy. But when someone frames Ally for the murder of a rival historian she’s forced to rely on Gabrielle, a ditsy millennial prepper, and Antoine, a mysterious old man with a secret, to clear her name and ease the escalating chaos.

Will Ally and her misfits decipher the clues before the Oblivion Doctrine succeed in bringing the world to an end?

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