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Transformers Primal Scream - Delbo, Jose

Transformers Primal Scream - Delbo, Jose

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Transformers Primal Scream by Delbo, Jose

Format: Hardcover

Published by Titan Books Ltd, 2005

The hit animated TV shows Beast Wars and Beast Machines introduced a whole new generation to the 'robots in disguise' and now, at last, the stories that came before those shows can be seen again in their world-shaking glory. The death of a hero...the return of an old foe...and the awakening of the gods! When Ratchet, Autobot chief medic, is kidnapped, a desolate Optimus Prime must find it within himself to continue the eternal battle against the Decepticons. Meanwhile, some old friends have returned to the fray...and so has an old, old enemy! And unbeknownst to all of them, their battles have woken Primus - creator of the Transformers, Unfortunately, Primus' scream upon waking has awoken an enemy from before time - an enemy who will not rest until all are destroyed - Unicron!

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