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Saint Saga: The Black Beast - Coners, Jacob

Saint Saga: The Black Beast - Coners, Jacob

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Saint Saga: The Black Beast by Coners, Jacob

Format: Trade Paperback

Published by Independently published, 2024

While out in the forest to fetch water from the river one fateful evening, young village girl, Hazel Spree, happens across a wounded man in the water. When she pulls him out, he transforms into a terrifying beast and chases her down! Hazel fears her end only to wake up with a curse brand on her chest!

Now bound to the reclusive Sixas, the two embark on a nightmarish epic adventure filled with equal wonder and terror. And though Sixas tries his best to be rid of Hazel, fate seems to have different plans.

Can Hazel remove her curse in time or will she suffer the same fate as Sixas and become another Beast?

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