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On the Symb-Socket Circuit - Bulmer, Kenneth

On the Symb-Socket Circuit - Bulmer, Kenneth

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On the Symb-Socket Circuit by Bulmer, Kenneth

Format: Mass-Market Paperback

Published by Ace, 1972

The Symb-socketeers were the elite of the galaxy. Traveling from planet to planet, they worked for play and played for a living. Into this circuit crept Matthew Wade, fugitive, ex-king of the universe, a coord who had fled his people.

For Matthew Wade had been a coord, one of the mysterious chosen ones, who through powers unknown to the rest of mankind, saw all, heard all and ruled all. But Wade had opted ou of the group, and now he was on the run, hiding on the symb-socket circuit, fearing always the appearance of the bailiffs of Altimus, home of the coords.

But Wade made on crucial mistake. He took service on the planet of Ashramdrego. And here he was faced with his final decision. Would he let an entire planet die rather than reveal his true identity...?

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