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Indians of the Dakotas - Bureau of Indian Affairs

Indians of the Dakotas - Bureau of Indian Affairs

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Indians of the Dakotas by Bureau of Indian Affairs

Format: Pamphlet

Published by U.S. Government Printing Office, 1966

In the days of westward expansion, it became a cry of terror which swept across the plains like an echo. Redoubtable foes, the Sioux were rarely vanquished in war. Their defeat came, in the end, not alone by soldiers but by hunger and exposure. But the story of the Indians of the Dakotas - which include four other tribes besides the Sioux - did not end with Custer's Last Stand. The struggle to build a new life has been a long one, fraught with reversals. The Indians of North and South Dakota are today people in transition between a time lost forever, but still recalled with bitterness, and a time yet to come, when poverty and isolation will no longer scar the living.

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