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Ruth Fielding on the St. Lawrence - Emerson, Alice B.

Ruth Fielding on the St. Lawrence - Emerson, Alice B.

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Ruth Fielding on the St. Lawrence by Emerson, Alice B.

Format: Hardcover

Published by Cupples & Leon, 1913

At Jennie Stone's wedding reception, Helen and Tom Cameron are annoyed when Chess Copley is overly attentive to Ruth Fielding. Helen acts like she hates Chess, and Tom is intensely jealous and worried that Ruth may end up with Chess. Ruth is just as interested in Tom as she has always been, but she is discontent with Tom's laziness and wants Tom to prove himself as a man in business. Ruth feels that she must keep her distance from Tom so that he can be successful.Meanwhile, both Wonota and her father, Chief Totantora, are now under contract to Mr. Hammond and plan to appear in Ruth's next film, which is to be filmed in the Thousand Islands. An unscrupulous rival filmmaker, Horatio Bilby, tries to break Wonota and Totantora's contract with Mr. Hammond. In order to thwart Bilby, the two Indians flee over the border to Canada, and their disappearance adds to the cost of Ruth's film and threatens to halt production completely. The cameras whirred while the barge pushed close into shore.Meanwhile, Ruth and Chess continue their friendship and investigate odd happenings at one of the islands. The two friends find themselves in a dangerous predicament as a result of their investigation and must use all of their wits to outsmart the villains.

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