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The Atom Conspiracy (ACE F-374) - Sutton, Jeff

The Atom Conspiracy (ACE F-374) - Sutton, Jeff

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The Atom Conspiracy (ACE F-374) by Sutton, Jeff

Format: Paperback

Published by ACE Books, 1963

There shall be no atomic research!

That was the basic law upon which the Empire of Earth was founded and on which it had kept the world peacefull and prosperous right up to 2449 A.D.

And then an atomic plot was discovered. Who was behind it? What motivated it? Was the Earth face to face now with the one challenge it feared most?

Max Krull, secret agent of the future, was given the case. And that itself was the first mystery he had to solve -- because he was apparently no James Bond (up to then), he had to work alon (why?), and he held only an average rating (or so it seemed).

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