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The Black Corridor (Ace 0-6530) - Moorcock, Michael

The Black Corridor (Ace 0-6530) - Moorcock, Michael

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The Black Corridor (Ace 0-6530) by Moorcock, Michael

Format: Paperback

Published by ACE, 1969

Condition Note: Bookstore ink-stamp inside front cover. Foxing.

The spaceship *Hope Dempsey* is four years out from Earth, en route to the planetary system orbiting Munich 15040. Aboard are 13 people - twelve in suspended animation while the thirteenth, Ryan, looks after the ship. This is a colonizing voyage, made up of refugees from an Earth whose people have driven themselves to the edge of global destruction. The thirteen souls aboard this ship might possibly be the only humans left alive in the cosmos!Now a crisis is developing on board. As Ryan checks the crew's life support systems, and reads the ship's computer's printouts, and thinks, and dreams, he comes to realize that even this last remnant of human life is threatened with extinction, in this lonely BLACK CORRIDOR between the stars.

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