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Ability Quotient (Ace 00265) - Reynolds, Mack

Ability Quotient (Ace 00265) - Reynolds, Mack

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Ability Quotient (Ace 00265) by Reynolds, Mack

Format: Mass-Market Paperback

Published by Ace, 1975

When the Asian Wars were over major Bert Alshuler had few prospects, until Mid-West University asked him to take part in an "educational experiment" that would test the effect of certain drugs on his I.Q. The project was top secret, but it looked like an easy way to make money and get an education, so Bert saw no reason to worry - until his girlfriend was kidnapped... and someone tried to kill him. And then he discovered just what the drugs were doing to him - he was more than an educational experiment... he was the first man of the new human race.

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